REFLECTION  (Day 6 of 7)
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Our three areas of reflection this week.

PRAYER – ‘Cause we so need His help.
SEX – Receive God’s good gift for married folk.
PEACE MAKING – Bring peace wherever you go.

So how’s it going?

I’ve been practicing praying when I first identify a need (instead of saying, “I’ll pray for you.”). My sweetie has been doing more of that too and I really enjoy the quick spontaneous prayer hugs.

couple praying

I did mention that I would be exploring the Pelvic Floor Strong resource more thoroughly.

Pelvic Floor Strong

I’ll own I’m a fan of written material over videos, so I downloaded the Pelvic Floor Manual that came with the system’s purchase. I took the time to read how Alex defines and explains various terms (always good to be on the same page) and I looked at additional exercise options. Posture is a related issue and there are some shoulder exercises.

Turns out my pelvic floor muscles were a bit overactive and tense. The three basic exercises are good for that, but there are a couple of other exercises I can do, so they are now a part of my exercise routine.

As to peacemaking – I’ve been a bit convicted that I need to be more peaceful inside, so I can be a peacemaker on the outside. My most unsuccessful peacemaking moments happened when I was anxious and stressed. No big surprise there.

Lovin’ the extra week to spend more time with each concept.


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