I’ve recommended a few books and will continue to recommend more as we go along.

My point in today’s post is to be thoughtful when reading and keep your brain in gear.

I will only recommend books that I think are basically solid, but no book (other than the Bible) is free of misinformation or error. It’s that ol’ human thing where we’re not perfect, and we can’t have perfect knowledge.

Aside from the possibility of error, not every book is for everyone in every season of life and marriage. Experimenting with what you read to see if it will work for you is wisdom. Swallowing everything whole without really thinking it through can trip you up.

So please do check out the books I recommend … then give it some thought whether they’re a good fit for you, and, if you buy, consider the content as you go along (compare everything to the Word).

‘Nuf said.

And here’s a peek into my world. What is that mysterious glowing orb in the sky?

sun in sky

A little sunshine is such a welcome sight in my neck of the woods. It’s not spring yet, but there is hope. I’m already gathering seeds and making plans for the vegetable garden.  🙂

And here are a couple questions for today.

    • If someone were watching you and your spouse interact, would they say you treat him/her kindly and respectfully?
    • What words or actions do you need to work on?


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