CONCLUSIONS  (Day 7 of 7)
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The service focus has been a lot like last week’s stewardship focus.

It’s about developing a heart attitude that is turned toward God and being willing to do life His way.

I’m looking forward to a week of reflection and practice because this needs ongoing awareness and effort for me. Service is usually about small considerate acts and I need the practice.

couple exercising together

I’ve been praying about where I need to serve. I have this strange feeling there’s something new on the horizon.

My sweetie and I went foraging on the back half of the property (we live on in the Pacific Northwest). We went with the dog (Anatolian/Husky mix – have to be careful because there was a recent cougar sighting) and invited a few more folks as we headed on back as well. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone foraging through forest undergrowth with a five-year-old in tow. 🙂

We did manage to find a few chanterelles. I’m guessing there will be more as the weather gets wetter and cooler. Learning to forage is fun! (Do be safe.)

chanterelle mushrooms


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