REFLECTION  (Day 7 of 7)
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Our three areas of reflection this week.

PRAYER – ‘Cause we so need His help.
SEX – Receive God’s good gift for married folk.
PEACE MAKING – Bring peace wherever you go.

I mentioned that I was rereading The Peacemaker (an excellent book), but I am also reading The Men We Need by Brant Hansen (author of the book Unoffendable that I’ve mentioned before).

The Men We Want book

I would encourage both men and women to read this book. Hansen shares some simple biblical texts (and some very crazy humor) that make manhood and masculinity more understandable.

As a woman, it made very good sense to me and gives me a little direction in affirming the men and grandsons in my world.

I would love for Hansen to write a companion book called The Women We Need. Maybe we can talk his wife into it.


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