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What keeps us from having a home-building focus?

I know this might sound a bit silly, but you have to actually be home to do something about your home. If you are always on the go, you are not likely to take care of or manage your home well. Busyness can be so destructive as a time stealer.

Overwhelm can be a problem too. Where do you start if there seems to be too much that needs fixing? If your house is a mess, your spouse it ticked off at you, and the kids are being all whiny, why not just ditch the responsibility for a while and go to the gym?

messy kitchen

And, honestly, it’s easy to make a non-verbal point by neglecting something at home. I’ve let things go at home when I’m ticked off at Paul. It just feels good to express a bit of crankiness (I didn’t say it was the grown up thing to do).

Fear of failure, perfectionism, and general fatigue are not your friends either.

What stalls you out?


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