reflection & practice(Day 4 of 6. Need to start at the beginning? Day 1)

These are our three concepts to consider and practice this week.

ASSUME GOOD – Most folk are good-hearted.
SACRIFICE FOR OTHERS – It’s a Kingdom thing.
SPEAK BLESSINGS – Don’t mix them in with cursing!

Where will you focus today?

What could you say today that would bless your spouse? You know them well. What do they need to hear?

couple talking

Appreciate who they are. Appreciate what they do. Believe in their dreams. Encourage their efforts (even when it doesn’t go quite as they expected).

Bless your sweetie with your words.

I do a lot of weeding the garden in this season. Turns out many weeds are useful or edible. So I thought maybe I would try one (instead of tossing all the weeds in the chicken pen).

shepherds purse plant

I picked Shepherds Purse because it’s very easy to identify. (Always know for certain what you are eating when you forage food.) Hmm. It wasn’t exactly tasty, but I didn’t die. I might be able to toss a few bits in a salad and cover it with salad dressing.


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