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How discreet are you?

discretion (noun) – the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid offense or revealing private information

How discreet am I? As a young person, I don’t think I was very discreet. I had to learn the consequences of speaking without much thought. I embarrassed myself, hurt others, and I’ve been burned a couple of times by people who were not discreet.

… discretion will watch over you … Proverbs 2:11a ESV

Discretion is totally a wise thing.

Today, I’m still practicing thinking before I speak. It’s so easy to share a story or blurt out something I know. It’s especially easy to let the guard over my mouth go with my husband. The hours of living side by side make it easy to let things slide or excuse any bad behavior as something he should understand.

rules for speaking well

I try to ask myself what good will my words do? Why do I want to share? Is it my story to tell? (Do I need to be silent and just listen?)

Take the day and examine the place that discretion has in your life?


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