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Our three concepts to review this week …

Be open to guidance.
Be a steward.
Be a servant.

We have a good friend who has loaned us their tiller. Paul’s been sweatin’ it up tilling good-sized areas on the property. Our vision is to have some larger community garden areas for those crops that take up a lot of room (like corn, potatoes, or squash).

corn plants

I’ve asked Linda (the other MIL on the property) to join us as she has far more experience gardening in our zone (we get below 0° F in the winter and have a short-ish growing season). She was tickled to be asked. 🙂

It felt good to honor her expertise and it was a wise move to add her to the planning and doing.

I share this just to remind you that there are experts, people who know more than you in a certain area. Don’t waste your time and energy re-inventing the wheel, when you could just ask and put what you learn into practice. Learning from others is a wise thing to do. Guidance from others is an amazing gift.


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