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Our three concepts:

regular prayer – invite God into your marriage
remember the good – be grateful for the good in your spouse
value others – see your spouse’s needs as important

How easy is it to listen to your spouse voice their needs? Does a lack in their world make you feel like you are failing as a spouse?

That used to be my struggle (and sometimes still is). Paul would say I need this or more of that, and I’d immediately feel like it was my fault he didn’t have what he needed. Turns out Paul just likes to talk and much of it is just talking about what he sees, hears, and thinks (sort of like one long run-on sentence).

Now I listen and from time to time ask if there is something I can do. I’m also getting better about being more specific about what I can and can’t do. I leave room for discussion of creative options.

ask a question blank

As an exercise, you might try asking your spouse about something they want and do your best not to be defensive (you’re not responsible for everything in their life). Ask, listen, ask more questions. Do what you reasonably can, but if the need is way too hard for you to meet, talk about taking some time to pray and consider options.


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