REFLECTION  (Day 5 of 6)
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Which concept has God been knocking on your heart and mind about?

don’t assume – we can’t know another’s mind and heart
don’t slack off – have a healthy balance of work, play, and rest
seek wisdom – ask God for what you need

The other day I overheard a conversation where one person was reading another person the riot act – based on what they thought the person’s motivations were. It was truly painful for both of them (and me too, because I was witness to the train wreck of a conversation).

train wreck

It so clearly brought home to me how important it is to ask rather than tell. Asking questions in a kind tone of voice and thinking the best of people is not a bad plan. Makes for fewer train wrecks too.

I shared this photo with y’all awhile back, and I shared it with a friend of mine who knows mushrooms better than I do.

pretty mushrooms on a log

Turns out they are oyster mushrooms and very yummy!


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