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Our three concepts:

be welcoming – does your spouse feel at home?
stand with others in trouble – ’cause we all need that kind of friend
speak up – don’t let your silence speak for you

Just a reminder that building community when you’re not in difficulty is a good plan (it’s actually good anytime, but probably easier when times are less stressful).

Aside from the fact that friends are fun, then you have a ready-made safety net for when hard times roll in. You know each other well, and you’re more likely to know what someone needs when they need it. (That’s one of the reasons I love-love-love small groups.)

friends having fun

Have regular time with your sweetie (breakfast dates, weekend dates, walks after dinner, and more) and have regular times with friends and other small group gatherings.

Build  a solid community of lovely people. Stand with each other in good times and bad.


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