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Our foci (or focuses, if you wish) this week.

Be Faithful
Be Grateful
Be Inviting

On the subject of being inviting in marriage, I would like for y’all to consider how this plays into your sexuality.

Most husbands will say they are thrilled when their wife invites them to have sex and a fair number of wives feel the same about their husband’s invitation. It feels loving and accepting of our needs for pleasure, release, and intimacy.

couple flirting

Now every spouse is a little different, so you may want to make this a week of trying out a couple different ways to offer an invitation.

If you have the energy, you could offer a sensual evening of massage and sex. If that’s not possible, think of small changes to make your invitation more to their liking. Invite your spouse to have sex at a more convenient time of day/night or ask them how you can make sex easier or better for them.


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