CONCEPT (Day 1 of 7)

Recently I was reading the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-11) and the peacemaker verse stood out to me as something that could be very important in marriage.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9  ESV

Now I’m not talking about peace “faking” (going along, agreeing to stall an argument, etc.), I’m talking about dealing with a difficult situation in a peaceable way (not being contentious and argumentative).

dove in flight

The other day, Paul and I had a few tense moments (OK, it was a bit more than that), but we were able to calm our voices, talk, listen, and peaceably work through our differences. It was lovely. I’m hoping for more of that in the future. 🙂

That said, let’s just talk to God about peacemaking today. What does He mean? What could that look like in our marriages?


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