Here’s a window into what you can expect from the daily blog posts.

Sunday – introduction to a new concept
Monday – begin to personalize
Tuesday – try something
Wednesday – identify the roadblocks
Thursday – try another something
Friday – resources & conclusion
Saturday – Saturday morning coffee chat

Have a Heart

CONCEPT - ASSUME GOOD  (Day 1 of 7) A while back, I heard a husband make an off-the-cuff comment and his wife assumed he meant it rather sarcastically. You could see by his reaction he hadn't meant it that way at all, but the wife would not step away from her...

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Yeah, Chocolate

SATURDAY MORNING COFFEE CHAT I've been thinking about pleasure. I've noticed that a lot of folks have trouble with the concept of pleasure, especially within the church. Some bad theology had us thinking that anything we wanted was wrong or bad. Certainly we battle a...

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Noisy Exciting Peace

REFLECTION & PRACTICE  (Day 6 of 7)(Need to start at the beginning? Day 1) Our three concepts to practice this week: MAKE PEACE - Reduce the tension in your relationships.HONOR OTHERS - Show a little respect.WATCH YOUR TONE OF VOICE - It makes a difference! Since...

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Let's Do This!