Recently I mentioned a book called Choosing Civility. I bought the book because it sounded interesting and it only cost me $1.99.

I have an account with I tell them what kind of books I’m interested in, and they send me a daily email with a list of free-to-cheap e-books that are available.

stack of books

I also get freebie e-books on my phone through the Libby library app. Check to see if you can access your library’s selections and read for free (audiobooks too!).

Education doesn’t have to be expensive. 🙂

And a few questions for your day …

  • What one small kind thing can you do for your spouse and make it a habit in your day? (My sweetie makes me coffee every morning.)
  • What does your spouse need to know that you haven’t shared with them?
  • How well do you listen when your spouse speaks?


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