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Our three concepts to review …

Be open to guidance.
Be a steward.
Be a servant.

I was thinking about being a steward of my body.

It’s a quality of life issue and that makes it a marriage issue too. Going for walks with your sweetie, making love, and taking care of household chores all rest on our general health. The better your health, the easier it is to navigate through life and build a happier marriage.

Every year Paul and I talk about what change we can make to our lifestyle that will make us healthier. I’ll own that it’s not easy. I’d rather sit in my chair with my cat and eat Cheetos.


However …

… back to real life and the inevitability of natural consequences.

Paul and I are growing more of our food and cooking more at home (I just started making my own granola bars). We’re also working regular exercise into our weekly routines. We’re talking about going back to standing desks.

What one small change could you make that would build your health? Invite your spouse to join you.


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