FIRST TRY  (Day 3 of 7)
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As an experiment, find something small that you love about your spouse and use that as a basis for celebration. Maybe they are faithful to make you coffee each morning. I think that deserves a hug and their favorite dessert or a jigsaw puzzle (whatever treat seems appropriate).

jigsaw puzzle

Or perhaps they just worked through a difficult relationship with a co-worker. Sounds like a reason to celebrate. What would they like to do for fun after dinner?

Find a perspective that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Dewitt Jones

The idea is to think through how to celebrate something in a small simple way. How do you share your emotional excitement? How do you show how blessed you are by them? How do you communicate why you think there’s reason to celebrate?

As you do this simple exercise, learn from it and consider how it might apply to larger celebrations, especially the upcoming holiday season.

As an aside, a friend of mine gave me my Christmas present early (thanks, Diana!) and it’s a good gift choice for puzzle lovers. It’s a puzzle mat which rolls up.

jigsaw puzzle mat

I love it because I can work on a puzzle and then roll it up and make room for dinner at the table! A very thoughtful gift that means I can easily work on puzzles all winter long.


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