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Our three concepts to think about and practice this week:

chose your words carefully – be a blessing
celebrate – ’cause He is good all the time
seek calm quiet moments – for reflection and enjoyment

I’m still on a celebration kick.

What do I need to have on hand to make celebrations happens more easily? Much of it’s attitude and whatever I have on hand, but I could do with a little preparation, I think (because what I have on hand could be better).

pile of small gifts

A small stash of gifts would be helpful. (My DIL actually has a basket of kid items tucked away. She uses them for gifts or prizes in games.)

I also have a list of birthdays and holidays on my Notion that get put on my calendar as well. Sometimes I get really organized and write down what I give people so I don’t duplicate and it gives me ideas for future gifts for others. I’m also trying to keep cards and postcards handy (and stamps!).

Simple recipes are good to have on hand (and their ingredients) and large rolls of paper for banners.

I’m on a roll here myself. 🙂 What are your thoughts? How do you make celebrating easier?

Just FYI, Blank Slate and Ransom Notes are fun games. We played them during the Thanksgiving game marathon and they were hits. Having a few games on hand for different kinds/ages of groups is a good celebration idea too!


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