A couple of days ago, I read (somewhere, can’t remember) how we choose our own response.

True, I’m thinking. And then, this morning, I find myself in a car trying to have a conversation with a friend with two small children going off in the back seat. My first response was irritation. Just being honest here. Then I thought about choice and what God may want to do in this situation.

noisy children in the car

I calmed down and looked at the kids. They were just being kids, so I gave them a bit of grace and patience with their wiggles and noise. Then I took a breath and concentrated on my friend’s words. She really needed to share and I needed to listen well and respond with encouragement. It was one of those God moments where He steps in and does something wonderful.

I’m a little freaked out that I might have missed that if I had stayed irritated and been fussy.

I’m going to think more on this response stuff. I can choose my attitudes and I need to choose wisely.

This is my first attempt at dotting wooden snowflakes.

dotted snowflake

I saw something similar online and wanted to make a mess of them for my Christmas tree and for gifts.


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Image credits – noisy children in car © serg / Adobe Stock, snowflake ornament © Lori / Doing Marriage Well
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