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OK, let’s take the day and watch how we respond to others.

Love does not envy or boast … I Corinthians 13:4b ESV

When something good happens for your sweetie or others, how would you like to respond? Pause and reflect. Can you be glad for them, even say something kind or congratulatory?

Can you be content with your life and your marriage? I’m not saying you shouldn’t want to grow and build a better life. I’m poking the envy that can creep in.

How about boasting? You can talk about the good in your life. When does sharing good things cross the line into boasting?

large and small tomatoes

Then there is the one-upmanship. Someone tells a story and you have to tell one that’s a little bit better. Your tomatoes have to be bigger. Your bank account has to be busting at the seams. Your marriage has to be amazing. Your home or car has to be nicer. Ad infinitum.

Can you set down the comparisons, seek to be content, and just love on folks?


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