ROAD BLOCKS  (Day 4 of 7)
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So what keeps us from standing with others in difficult times?

I don’t know about y’all, but I have an allergic reaction to hard times. Who in their right mind likes difficulty and struggle, right? It’s becomes a walk of love and obedience to put up with the ickiness of bad times, so you can hug and pray for the one in need.

woman comforting another

I also know that I will carry home some of the emotional weight (some of that is healthy, some not). That’s me personally, and I can turn it into worry or I can turn and talk to God about it. That’s my issue and I just need to be wise about it.

It can also impact how people look at me. If I stand with someone who is in prison, who lost their home, or who just made a very poor personal choice, can I live with the disdain from others who might not understand why I am walking through troubled waters with this person? It kind of goes back to the question of who I want to be. What are my values? What’s really important to me? Can I see standing with these people as having more value than receiving approval from the general public?

I had a friend whose husband made a poor choice. It cost him many friends and hurt his reputation. My friend stood with her husband and it cost her friends and hurt her reputation as well. It was a serious choice with serious consequences, but her choice to stand with her broken husband saved them a lot of grief (not to mention a divorce). Today, they are an amazing couple. Their marriage survived and is growing healthy (they have a new baby!). They are building new friendships. They have dreams and a future.

Now, not every story has a happily-every-after ending as we see it, but I think that acting in grace and compassion toward those who are struggling is its own reward with the possibility of miracles following.


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