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I have a friend that does so well at showing others honor.

Outdo one another in showing honor. Romans 12:10b ESV

And this gal is well-respected in her field. She could be arrogant about her accomplishments, but she isn’t.

I’ve learned a lot just by watching her. Over the years, I’ve been aware of this concept and have practiced giving honor to those around me. It’s kind of fun to walk into a group of people, encourage others, compliment folks, or honor the accomplishments of others. It changes the atmosphere of the group in a lovely way.

couple with thumbs up

Has this concept been a part of your world? Do you know folks who do this well? Are you able to recognize and give honor to others? Are you able to honor your spouse in little ways during the day? Do you speak well of your spouse in public (in front of them and behind their back)?

This is kale growing in my garden. I love the mix of purple and green. Such a pretty plant.


I’m pretty new to kale, so if any of you have a way you like to prepare it, please share. Have any of you made kale chips?


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