REFLECTION   (Day 2 of 7)
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Our three areas of reflection this week.

BE A SAFE PLACE – so your spouse can trust in you.
REST – get enough rest, take care of your heart, mind, and soul.
WORK – be intentional about where you spend your time and effort.

The other day I ran across this picture and I thought it was so pretty in its simplicity and form.

spiral sculpture

I showed it to Paul (our desks sit next to each other) and we had a moment of shared appreciation.

I think seeking out beauty and enjoying it is a part of the “rest” package. Beauty nurtures our soul. And shared beauty is good for your marriage relationship.

Beauty can be found in many places. It just takes some effort to notice. Sitting here at my computer I can see our pond thawing out the window (still a snowscape but with hope of spring). My cat is curled up nearby and looking sweet (don’t let her fool you, though, she is nicknamed the Tilly-nator). And there are simple things like a stack of my favorite books or a bowl of fruit. They all have their own brand of beauty.

Keep on the lookout for bits of beauty and share them with your spouse. 


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