CONCLUSIONS  (Day 7 of 7)
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Wow, this has been an amazing week for me in terms of considering preparedness.

I solved a number of problems just by sitting down with paper and pen and thinking through what was going on (or not going on).

I had a couple of household problems and I realized I didn’t have the tools to fix them. I added a few items to my shopping list, and I’m looking forward to a work day.

I thought about winter (we have months of white and not a lot of outside activity (unless you really like the cold)). I considered bringing light and color into my home.

red flowers next to snowy window scene

I’ve gathered the games and puzzles. Still thinking about music and entertainment that might brighten up our days. This is still a work in progress because there are a number of facets to the issue.

How are y’all doing? Were you able to solve a few issues with a bit of preparation? What still needs a little work?


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