Paul and I were having brunch with a couple of friends, and the conversation turned toward the concept of growth, both personally and in marriage.

Good is good (I’m really being brilliant here), but sitting on good may not be the healthiest choice. Little steps of growth keep your “good” life and marriage healthy and strong, and can even move you toward “better” and then “great”. (And who doesn’t want a great marriage?)

growth graph

Just wanted to encourage y’all to stay invested in learning and growing. Over the long haul, it does make a difference.

I’ve had a fun month celebrating my birthday (with a few days yet to go). I thought I’d share about a couple of gifts I received because they’re cool. 🙂

art dice game & compostable bags

My DIL (ever the game person) gave me Art Dice. You roll the dice and it randomly gives you parameters for an art project. And a friend gave me some BioBag compostable food storage bags. I’ve been wanting to go with less plastic.


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Image credits – graph © Isaac Smith / Unsplash, art dice game & biobags © Lori / Doing Marriage Well
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