CONCEPT  (Day 1 of 7)

I was watching The Chosen* the other day and was struck by how the series portrayed the gentleness of Christ. He had a tenderness and softness toward others that I found attractive.

Jesus reaching out to someone

It is little wonder that the Holy Spirit (being God) is gentle and creating gentleness in us.

But the fruit of the Spirit is … gentleness … Galatians 5:22-23 ESV

I get physical gentleness. When I have a new litter of rabbits, I’m very gentle with the kits as they are so small and new, but what does a more relational gentleness look like?

I don’t think gentleness is some uber mild-mannered creepy softness, but rather a sensitivity to others, a general sense of kindness and care. In relationship, perhaps it is about a much deeper level of caring and grace.

Take today and talk to God about gentleness. What is that supposed to look like? How would that play out in marriage? (I know we have some guys here, how does gentleness and masculinity play out? Thank goodness for Jesus’ example.) 

*The Chosen is an artistic compilation of the Gospels. Though it does take some artistic license, I think it does a good job of representing the life of Christ.


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