REFLECTION  (Day 2 of 7)
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Our three areas of reflection this week.

PRAYER – ‘Cause we so need His help.
SEX – Receive God’s good gift for married folk.
PEACE MAKING – Bring peace wherever you go.

Do you have a prayer journal? How about a prayer partner?

Do you and your spouse pray together? If there is some discomfort there, why not share a prayer journal or write your prayer needs on your bathroom mirror with whiteboard markers?

whiteboard markers

I know we are doing our best to serve our sweetie, but a part of relationship is a shared walk. Can you share prayer needs simply and clearly with your spouse?

Paul and I usually pray a bit first thing in the morning. We just spend a few moments snuggled up (who wants to get out of a warm bed?) and talk to God about what is on our hearts. We both work from home, so we can stop and pray during the day, as needed. If one or both of us worked out of our home, I’d start writing things down to share after work (’cause I won’t remember all my thoughts later) or maybe text prayers (so he could read them on a break).

How can you creatively connect with your spouse for prayer? (If your spouse is not a believer, do be gracious and lean on a prayer partner instead.)


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