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How is your week going? Where are you spending your time and effort?

SET DOWN SIN – Don’t want that weight!
BE A GOOD FRIEND – Hugs and prayers.
DON’T ASSUME – Ask questions instead.

I did manage to have that talk with friends about what was most important to them in their friendships.

We pretty much all agreed that good friendships were a safe place where we could be ourselves. Though good friends would challenge us out of love, if need be.

I’m grateful that this group of friends models so well what it is to be a good friend. I learn more from watching others than anything else.

peanut butter cookies

And, as an aside, one of my friends keeps bringing us all little bags of cookies (she often bakes with her kids). Talk about major friend points.  🙂  I’ll have to dust off my old cookie recipes and reciprocate.


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