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How do you deal with envy and pride?

Love does not envy or boast … I Corinthians 13:4b ESV

I remember a time when Paul and I had worked on a project and during a meeting someone praised Paul up one side and down the other for the work he had done. And I’m thinking like, “Dude, I was a part of the work!”

And, honestly, Paul had done a lot of good work and deserved the commendation. It was just hurtful that I was so invisible to the folks there and not appreciated for what I had done.

invisible woman

What happened for Paul was right and good (he really did a good job). After cringing a bit, I chose to be glad for him and set down the envy. I had some forgiving to do (there were some unhealthy attitudes toward women in the group) and I had to deal with some of my own heart attitudes about praise and appreciation (Colossians 3:23-24).

I think at the heart of it is damaging comparisons and the need for value. In our brokenness, we want to have a position that feels safe and good on our terms.

God’s kingdom values fly in the face of that – honoring others, serving others, not seeking man’s favor, and such.

Take the day and talk to God about your history with envy and boasting. What do you struggle with now?


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