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What keeps us from offering grace to others?

Comparisons get me. I do something this way and you do it that way and, of course, my way is better. Followed by fix-itis. You need me to fix you so you will think more like me, do more like me, and be more like me.


Gosh, that sounds so shallow, but what else is it when someone is driving slower than I think they should or my husband doesn’t organize his stuff like I would. Then I somehow deem them as less than, and I’m less likely to be nice or helpful. ‘Cause, golly, there is something wrong with them and they need to clean up their act. Apparently, they are a little less deserving of grace.

In every moment…we choose to see others either as people like ourselves or as objects. They either count like we do or they don’t. The Anatomy of Peace from the Arbinger Institute

Aside from the fact that being judgmental is rude, it’s really too heavy a load for anyone to carry. Better to hand it off to God and offer grace.


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