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What keeps us from being patient?

Love is patient …  1 Corinthians 13:4a ESV

When I’m tired or too busy, I struggle to graciously make time for interruptions in my day. I can work to minimize some of the tired and busy, but sometimes, life just happens.

I think judgement is an issue too. If I think someone should act better, I may get frustrated and short with that person. I’ve seen that in my recent struggle with my grandson. I know he’s just five and learning to do life, but, man, it would be nice if he could dial it back a bit. Drama. Drama. Drama.

active boy

I could easily apply the same thing to my marriage as well. When I think my husband should be more like me, it’s easy for me to judge him and get impatient with how he does life.

As you walk through your week, try to catch those moments of impatience and backtrack to what you are feeling and thinking underneath. What is at the heart of your impatience? How does God want you to handle the person or situation?


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