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Take the day and examine your thoughts, words, and actions. Are there ways you can offer a bit more grace to others?

Yesterday I went thrift shopping with a friend of mine. I made it a “grace day” and intended to be understanding and kind to folks. God and I had a good laugh as my entire day seemed filled with slow drivers, packed stores, and unreasonable people.

It became something of a fun challenge to see the mess and just love them where they were. I don’t know why they were struggling, but God does and He loves them more than His own life.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Plato

My friend and I spent the day being cheerful and encouraging (there are several lovely stories there). It was a blast and we picked up some fun goodies too. 🙂 (I got some books (surprise!) and a pretty tray from Portugal.)

Had I not been on a grace bender, I think the day would have been much harder. As it was, I felt lighter and delighted with my day.

kind driver

So today when that person cuts you off in traffic, (don’t make a face at them) breathe, forgive, and let the next car move into your lane easily. Break the tide of rude selfishness with gentle grace.

Make room for all the beautiful and broken people in your life. Be a help. Be an encourager.

Focus: Really watch and think about your spouse today. Where and how do they need grace from you?


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