A while back, I heard a husband make an off-the-cuff comment and his wife assumed he meant it rather sarcastically. You could see by his reaction he hadn’t meant it that way at all, but the wife would not step away from her interpretation.

It kind of grieved me she assumed the worst about her husband and her perspective about his motives was more valid to her than truth.

That got me to thinking. Do I routinely think the best about Paul? Do I assume he is good-hearted and that anything questionable is just human awkwardness or misunderstanding?

couple making heart shape with hands

I’d like to spend the week thinking about assuming good rather than bad. Now, I’m not saying we should be stupid about this. If someone is being mean, they’re not being good-hearted.

I’m just suggesting that most spouses are flawed, good-hearted people. We could give our spouses (and others) room to explain themselves and to grow or change. Stop the judgement and give them a bit of wiggle room.

Spend the day just talking to God about this concept. How does seeing the good in others work?

Paul and I have been working hard to move our chickens to a new fenced in area. (We have some new younger chickens we need to add to the existing flock.)

chickens behind a fence

Next project is a new chicken coop.


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