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Our three concepts:

be welcoming – does your spouse feel at home?
stand with others in trouble – ’cause we all need that kind of friend
speak up – don’t let your silence speak for you

In standing with other folks, I’ve been thinking about what that looks like in different situations.

It can show up in big ways, like when Paul was in prison and Onesiphorus went looking for him to take care of him (2 Tim 1:16-17).

house fire

Recently, in our neck of the woods, several families lost their homes to local forest fires. I so loved seeing a number of people, churches, and agencies step up to help take care of these families. They were modern day Onesiphoruses. (I’m sure they would appreciate the sentiment, not necessarily the moniker.)  🙂

But don’t forget that standing with others can also show up in everyday small ways like inviting a friend to coffee because you know they need to talk. Spouses need hugs on down days and sometimes a shoulder rub when they’re sore from exercise or heavy chores.

I think this is hugely about being aware of the people around us and seeing if there is something we can do to make life easier for them.


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