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Our concepts for review:

stewardship – He’s the boss
take action – because love does
be God-dependent – be a branch on the Vine

This may seem somewhat off-topic at first, but hear me out.

I realized I was spending a bit too much time on social media (maybe a bit more than a bit). Given our topics, that’s seems like an unwise choice.

What I watch influences me. The educational stuff I can live with, but the mindless scrolling of kitty videos, how to shop at Goodwill, etc. are not really adding too much to my life and are not really encouraging me to be more God-dependent. It’s also a huge time sink. There are far better things I could spend my time on.

silly cat

I’m not saying I won’t look at another funny kitty video, just that I’m going to set some limits to my daily tech and have the occasional tech-free day.

How is your tech consumption? Is it God-honoring? Is it marriage-helpful?

And just so you know I’m not “all work and no play”, here’s a short funny kitty video. (Now put down your phone and go hug your sweetie.)


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