REFLECTION  (Day 3 of 7)
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How do you handle interruptions? I’m not talking about the person who chronically interrupts you (and the issue needs to be addressed). I’m talking about the everyday ’cause life happens kind of interruptions.

My sweetie just interrupted my writing to ask for help holding a flashlight (he was working on the house in a tight corner).


I’ll be honest, the thought ran through my head, “Argh, I’m working here!” But then I thought, “Be generous with your time, girl, and don’t take offense at his very real need.” I have the time and I can take a break and help.

Generosity – to serve and share with others
Gentleness – to give tender care
Grace – to forgive and set down offense

Watch your day and look at how you deal with little inconveniences. Do you have a gentle response? Are you generous with your time and attention? Are you gracious in the face of the difficulty?

(Paul just asked me to hand up some tools to him on the roof.) 🙂


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