This is the end of our review week. I’ll start a new concept tomorrow.

So what practices did you focus on this week? How did you do?

For me, it was focusing on kindness and respect in my speech. Mostly, I did OK, but I had a couple of moments of fussiness I’m still thinking through. Really low energy is problematic for me, as is anxiety/fear. My tone of voice changes and I’m not as calm and nice as I could be.

I need to continue to focus on how I speak, deal with my fears, and take good care of myself. I’m still recovering from surgery and several weeks of being sick. My energy reserves are quite low and it’s easy to bottom out. Winter is tough (very little sunshine and lots of white) and I need more creative outlets. (I did get some yarn to start a baby afghan for a friend of mine. She just found out she’s expecting. Surprise package!)

baby afghan

I think the thing that is mostly in my face is how important it is to take care of myself. It’s hard to be a good spouse when I’m running on empty. That’s not to excuse the choices I make, really, but to acknowledge how hard it is to make better choices when I’m out of fuel.

Being a better spouse for me includes taking better care of myself.


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