REFLECTION  (Day 2 of 7)
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I get James Clear’s newsletter and I read this a few days ago.

Just because improvements aren’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

You’re not going to see the number change each time you step on the scale. You’re not going to finish a chapter each time you sit down to write.

Early wins come easy. Lasting wins require a lifestyle. James Clear

I hope this is a little encouraging to y’all. We’re talking about building a lifestyle that supports a healthy marriage. Not all change is going to be big, complete with balloons and banners. Much of what we do is small and sometimes not noticeable unless you’re wearing faith-colored glasses.

colored glasses
What do you need to do today to work a bit more of these attributes into your life and marriage?

Generosity – to serve and share with others
Gentleness – to give tender care
Grace – to forgive and set down offense


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