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Our three concepts for review this week:

BE PATIENT – more understanding, less annoyance
BE KIND – add considerate and helpful too
NO ENVY & BOASTING – Ew! Dump them!

There are some general kindnesses (I can open a door for someone carrying a big load), but most kindnesses require a certain level of knowledge.

If a friend is struggling with keeping up with housework, coming over for coffee and helping with a little kitchen cleanup is a kindness (don’t leave them with more mess). Knowing personal struggles or needs can up your kindness game.

clean dishes

It generally means listening well or being willing to ask a question now and then.

Where I don’t have the time or skills to help, I try to connect folks with those who do. That’s a kindness too! I have friends who are gifted in creating budgets, organizing homes, gardening, teaching kids, tech help, and more (please don’t expect me to help with computer problems).

Who do you know who could use a little help? Where does your spouse need a little help today?


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