REFLECTION  (Day 7 of 7) (Need to start at the beginningDay 1) I’m trying to finish reading The Men We Need by Brant Hansen and a couple of days ago I ran across this.

Learning is not playing the actual game …

… It’s true that you can study the wonders of God for the rest of your life and never run out of new and exciting discoveries. It’s a wonderful part of life with God. And Jesus was clearly committed to memorizing Scripture. He quoted it constantly. These are very good things.

But the game starts now.

woman playing basketball

Playing the game is putting what Jesus told us to do into practice: Loving our enemies. Praying for people who persecute us. Forgiving people as we’ve been forgiven. Blessing those who curse us. Praying for God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

It’s the doing that makes the difference. So when I think of dealing with my stuff first, it means cutting my offense off at the knees and taking the time to see what part I play. When I think of not insisting on my own way, it means asking my sweetie what he’d like to do and trying to make that happen. Perseverance means calling a good friend when I feel like giving up and giving her the chance to help me get back on my feet. How can you live some of these things out? What does it look like to actually walk this stuff out?

Persevere – ’cause baby steps will get you there! Don’t insist on your own way – others need a say too. Deal with your own stuff first – it’s a maturity thing.

Let’s get some skin in the game.  

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