REFLECTION  (Day 2 of 7)
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Big changes are great, if you can pull them off. Sometimes it’s possible, but, honestly, small routine changes work better. You build a small habit and it becomes a part of the way you do life.

Baby steps –  trust the process. Author Unknown

I’ll own that I find baby steps a bit frustrating. I want to get things done well and completely, right now. However, I’ve tried a number of things over the years and, from experience, I know the habits that stick for me are the ones I build slowly a step at a time. When I take off too big a bite, I get emotional indigestion and step away.

woman with indigestion

So this is my encouragement to y’all. Please do pick one or two things to work on this new year. Learn and practice small changes until they become second nature.

It can be something as simple as meditating on a new scripture each week or saying something positive to your spouse each morning.

Let’s continue to grow in integrity and build our marriages.

Oh! And Merry Christmas, y’all. May your marriages be blessed this holiday season.


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