Lately, I’ve been kind of stressed. When I looked at my life, I didn’t have any significant deadlines (I hate deadlines) and much of my life is very good, even sweet. So what’s the deal?

In examining everything, I realized life got ran over by some larger-than-expected projects. I actually kept quite busy. I just let the usual things slip a bit in the process. My house wasn’t quite orderly enough. There was a mountain of laundry. I was a week behind in my bookkeeping. And so forth.

stressed woman


Time for some self talk. I can’t do everything all the time. Pause, Lori, and grasp the truth of that.

A part of my dilemma is a history of basing my worth and general sanity on personal productivity. I have certain daily/weekly standards and when I miss them I get itchy.

Nothing wrong with have goals and standards. I just have to hold them loosely (because life) and I have to keep setting down the productivity=worth lie.

Jesus + productivity = stress

Jesus + anything = let’s not go there

Just Jesus = a place of security and rest

Time to set it all down and remember I’m on an adventure with Jesus.

Tilly, our cat, is recuperating inside and doing much better. We have to keep her in the house for a couple more days (which she is totally not down for).

bird in flight

She spends most of her time sitting by the window watching anything that moves.


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