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Were people receptive to your invitations?

Why or why not?

If my attitude is a bit lack luster, they are likely to say no (except my youngest grandson, he is always up for an adventure). So being genuine and pleasant in my invitation is important.

I think it also helps to be thoughtful and understanding. If I invite one of my friends, I have to keep the event short (she tires easily) and for another friend I need to add additional time (she takes her time, always).

books for sale

I’m torn between asking people I know will want to come along (I invited my DIL to a book sale, knowing she can never say no to a book) and inviting people who are a bit of a mystery (folks I don’t know very well). That one needs more thought for me.

It’s also important to be gracious when someone says no to my invitation. No one likes to be guilted into something. A gracious, “Of course, I understand.” means they may say yes next time.


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