COFFEE CHAT  (Day 7 of 7)
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We’re a few months into 2024. I don’t know about y’all, but a had a few places where I wanted to change things up.

I wanted more artsy-fartsy in my world (self-care). I wanted to be a little better with my office work and housework. More and deeper conversations with Paul would be nice, and I wanted to be a bit more intentional about doing some fun things together.

I’ve seen some movement on all of these, but I need to keep it all at the forefront or they will silently drift away in the everyday movement of life.

Add to that, I have so many things running around in my head, stuff can and does fall out. If I can get all my thoughts on paper where I see them regularly, I tend to do better.

brain leaking bits

Enter … my weekly planner with brain dump pages.

A brain dump is where you write down everything in your head on paper. Everything from “I want to go to Greenbluff with Paul” to “ask Diana about her meal worm setup” to “find those silly vanilla beans I bought weeks ago.”

After I dump everything, I group it all by area of life (office, garden, etc.). I can look at each area and choose a few things to add to my planner so I get things done. I revisit and add to my “organized” brain dump at least weekly.

I share this because I know I’m not the only who drops the ball now and then. And it helps to be reminded of what’s important often. I am reminded often that I need to be intentional about doing things with Paul (hence the Greenbluff) or that I need to ask God for wisdom (sticky note in my planner).

Just some thoughts on keeping the important stuff where it can be seen. I’d love to hear how y’all keep track of life and your to-do’s.

I use a paper planner that I try to look at each day and I have blocks of time set aside for certain chores (bookkeeping gets done on Fridays, shopping and errands on Tuesday).

I use Notion as a work area. I keep all my working information there and it’s where I break down larger projects into smaller to-dos. Google Drive holds all the files I share with others.

I also very much like Tiago Forte’s PARA idea. He’s all about organizing his digital world, but it works for paper filing systems and other non-digital stuff too. I use a modified version of it in all that I do. It works for my brain.


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