ROAD BLOCKS – BE KIND  (Day 4 of 7)
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What stalls out kindness?

Love is … kind …  1 Corinthians 13:4b ESV

I know I come back to this often, but busyness and exhaustion are the enemies of just about everything good. It takes focus and energy to be intentional and build new perspectives and habits. Check your resting/sleep habits. Say no to a few things.

Judgement is also a killer of kindness. I know as believers, we want to speak the truth and stand with what is right, but words of judgement and criticism aren’t always the best first choice in reaching out to others.

man criticizing woman

I look at all the stories about Jesus’ life where he reaches out to wounded people with kindness (one of my favorite stories is about a short, rude dude sitting in a tree). Often He doesn’t even need to say anything because His love and acceptance open the door to beautiful change.

What stalls out your ability to be kind? Where can you be more kind?


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