RESOURCES  (Day 6 of 7)
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My best resource suggestion for service is mentorship.

When I want to learn something, I look at folks who are already doing that something.

Who is serving at your church? Offer to do one small thing with them, watch, and learn. Who is great at serving spouse, family, and friends? Invite them to coffee and pick their brain. Offer to help them with the next birthday party they host.

birthday party set up

Don’t know someone in real life? There are plenty of books, podcasts, and such online. One of my favorite reads is a good biography. I read a book about the life of Florence Nightingale over a decade ago, and it still has influence in my life today.

Trial and error learning is OK, but if you can learn from others, you’ll have fewer bumps and an easier learning curve.

Where do you want to learn more about serving? Who can you buddy up to and learn those skills from?


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