This week’s concept revolves around kindness.

Love is … kind.  1 Corinthians ESV

Simple enough, but do we really know what kindness is? helps a bit. As does

definition: of a good or benevolent nature or disposition

synonyms: kindhearted, gracious, considerate, thoughtful

As you consider this, try to focus on just the meaning (tomorrow we’ll begin some introspection). Soak in the word “kindness” and what it means. Let God reveal His thoughts about it.  Perhaps you’ll remember a time when someone what kind to you and what that meant.

When my grandson started school there was a misunderstanding and he wound up on his first day without a lunch. New school, new situations. When a friend of mine heard, she went home and packed him a lunch, stopped in to have lunch with her kids (a very normal thing), and invited my grandson to join them. He didn’t have to share his problem with anyone (and look odd or stupid on his first day of school), she fixed his problem (a relief in a new situation), and she invited him to belong – now that was kind!

And, of course, there are many examples of kindness in the stories of the Bible (my favorite is the story of Joseph) especially in Jesus’ actions (I love where he touches the lepers when he heals them, they had to be totally touch hungry, living a life of shame and isolation).

Well, there you have it. Simple and sweet. Park “kindness” in your mind today and spend time with it during your day.

As an aside, I encourage y’all to grab a notebook and write down your thoughts throughout the week. It helps when thinking things through and it’s nice to have all your thoughts collected in one place.


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