Time for a review week. These are our past three concepts

ASSUME GOOD – Most folk are good-hearted.
SACRIFICE FOR OTHERS – It’s a Kingdom thing.
SPEAK BLESSINGS – Don’t mix them in with cursing!

Where will you focus today?

I think I will consider folks good-hearted today.

heart drawn in sand

If someone is awkward or blunt, I can give them a bit of wiggle room. Not everyone has the best communication skills. If someone seems thoughtless, maybe they are just tired or busy.

Take the day to practice your skills, especially where your spouse is concerned. Will you speak blessings? Can you assume good, perhaps even sacrifice a bit of time for them?


And a few more hearts …

zentangle hearts

This is a Zentangle tile from a few years back.


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Image credits – heart drawn in sand © congerdesign /Pixabay, Zentangle hearts © Lori / Doing Marriage Well
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