RESOURCES  (Day 6 of 7)
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So where do you go for help with preparation?

Organized friends are a double blessing. 🙂 Invite a friend over for coffee and ask them to help you brainstorm and then walk with you through the process.

friends brainstorming

I like Notion for organizing my thoughts and ideas. I have information organized by area of my life and I have individual pages for each project I am working on. (I particularly like Tiago Forte’s PARA style of organization).

And, of course, a part of the answer lies in the area you are working on.

YouTube is a great resource, as is the Google search engine. You can learn just about anything from helpful videos and articles.

I was having trouble keeping my garden seeds sorted. A few YouTube videos later and I am good to go.

Where are you working on preparation? Do you need knowledge? Do you need help organizing items? Do you need encouragement and a plan?


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