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God has too much fun with me.

Let the peace of Christ [the inner calm of one who walks daily with Him] be the controlling factor in your hearts … Colossians 3:15a AMP

So Paul and I took the three youngest boys on our property out for dinner and to look at Christmas lights. Loud doesn’t even begin to explain it (what is it with boys and making sounds?). That said, about halfway through dinner I did not have inner peace of any kind.

rowdy boys

God reminded me of this week’s concept and so I asked Him, how would Jesus see our dinner chaos? I sat there and looked at the boys. They were enjoying a new restaurant and generally just messing around. The sense of family and fun was priceless (they are cousins, and we are Grandpa and Meemaw (both bio and unofficially adopted)).

I find when I get out of myself and focus on loving others just where they are in their messy journey of life, I have a measure of peace. I won’t say I spent the rest of the time bathed in lovely peace, but I was able to be a decent human being and laugh with (and occasionally at) the boys.

Christmas lights

Take the day, and watch your heart and mind. When you start feeling stressed, frustrated, etc., ask Jesus to come into the situation and help you settle inside.


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